Sport and human rights, social responsibility, legality, non discrimination, financial transparency, ethical behaviour, environment protection, respect for the opposite players

Sport4Society (acronym : S4S) is an independent association, founded in 2009 by a group of people passioned for Sport.

logo-sport4societyAlmost 20 people with an high degree of experiences in various fields decided to initiate a long-term work across the Sport environment. Their target was –and still is- to support human rights, social responsibility, legality, non discrimination, financial transparency, ethical behaviour, environment protection, respect for the opposite players.
The headquarter has been established in Montebelluna (Treviso, Italy), taking the opportunity of the presence of a internationally famous sport-industrial district, whose primary products were sky boots, mountain shoes, training and jogging shoes, sport clothing, skiwear, and many other sport accessories.
This is why many of he founder members of S4S came from this place and started together this project.
Among the founders there were Pier Luigi Marzorati, (famous former basketball player and high level Manager of Italian Olympic Committee), Luca Corsolini (popular sport journalist at Sky Sport and recently hired by Eurosport). Among other well experienced founders there was also Umberto Musumeci, (former CEO of primary sport brands like Spalding, Russell Atletic, Caber and former Member of the National Board of Amnesty International Italy, one of the well known Italian experts in the filed of Corporate Social Responsibility), named Chair in the foundation document and still keeping this charge.
S4S since the beginning in 2009 operated to implement surveys on the how to implement CSR to the Sport field. Therefore the first production has been the publication « Social responsibility in the Sport world », containing also the « Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Sport ». It was based on a large review of the exhisting good practices in Italy among the Sport organizations. The results were published in the S4S website and transferred into a short toolkit for helping the small and medium sport organizations to review and recoinsider their behaviour in different fields like. The printed publication was distributed among abt. 400 sport organization.
In May 2010 an important Conference in Florence on the subject of “Sport & Society: challenges, tendencies and good practices”, then in June in Montecatini (in the frame of TIMEOUT, Festival of Sport Culture) on the subject « How sport& no-profit score a goal together » and the launch of the Foundation « Il bello dello Sport » (The good of Sport), and in Treviso another Conference on « Ethics and transparency in the management of sport organizations », organised in cooperation with the Sport Industry Association and where – besides the speeches of Sport Managers, trainers, bank experts, CSR experts- important former players like Andrea Lucchetta, Andrea Zorzi, and Damiano Tomasi exchanged their experiences.

In 2011 was launched and realized a project with the name « The good of Sport : social responsibility in the Sport field » with the support of the Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica (Ethical bank Group) launched with a Conference in Florence (”Against omophoby in the Sport field »), another conference in Castelfranco Emilia in the frame of the « Anti-racist World Championship ».
During the first two years an important list of contacts with some 200 sport & civil society organizations was established, as a result of the activities realized.
From 2012 a special accent has been put on the issue of disability in sport : after a deep research, a Conference on « Different ability, same playing capacity » has been held in the frame of the Treviso Marathon, were almost 11.000 runners attended.
The same subject was discussed at the Conference held in Padova, hosted with the contribution of the Italian Ethical Bank (Banca Popolare Etica), with the attendance of Italian Paralympics Organization, Ethical Bank, Paralympics’ Champions. The subject was « Do exhist a right to sport ? » and was introduced by Dr. Jacopo Tognon, Professor of Sport and Human Rights in the EU Law, Action Jean Monnet, Faculty of Political Science, University of Padova.
In 2013 a particular accent has been put on the critical subject of the legality, which can be considered the Big absent very often in the sports organisations behaviour. So we have organised a Conference in Milano based on the presentation of the book “Criminal ball” and followed by an interesting debate.
That’s why during 2014 we have faced the issues of the multiple faces of the relations between sport and legality, with particular accent on the children and young people protection, the doping, the organized criminal organizations entering the sport field, the sport betting, the supporters’ violence. The output of these studies, under the title “The Sport challenges for the Europe of rights : a route of legality ” have been presented in an important Conference organized with the Main Partnership of the CONI- Italian Olympic Committee, at the CONI Headquarter in Milano, in June 2014. Other important partners were Transparency International, the Study Center against Mafias, ActionAid Italy, the Foundation Candido Cannavò, the Italian Judges Association (ANM). The study has then be printed in 500 copies of 65 pages, and made available to a large number of sport and civil society associations.
S4S has also been invited by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe at the Conference “Match-Fixing: a key-issue for sports integrity” held in Milano late 2014.
In 2015 a research on the subject of « Women discrimination in Sports » has been initiated.

S4S has developed various documents and researches on “responsible sport” with the aim to improve the behavior of individuals,  managers, coaches before, during and after sport activities. The final result has been resumed in the report “Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Sport”, which collects the outcomes of a meeting with representatives of 30 sport organizations and federations. The “Focus Group” was held in the headquarter and with the cooperation of Banca Popolare Etica (Italian Ethical Bank) at the beginning of 2017. The final version was edited at the beginning of 2018.Through a strict cooperation with the Italian section of Amnesty International, at the beginning of 2019 the “Sport and Human Rights Award” was launched, which will be attributed to people, organizations, behaviors which highlight the importance of human rights respect on the sport fields. In the first edition of the prize Pietro Aradori, captain of the Italian National Basketball Team, has been awarded.

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